Monday, November 2, 2009

no more halloween.

so October came to a really quick end, but I still have the strange "I wana be frightened" feeling so I figured I share a link to one of the greatest writers of all time. Hes HP lovecraft and he is the horror influence lol. practicly anything dealing with demonology or any satanic writes book the (necronomicon) is his influence on our horror, you may have heard of the cuthulhu muthos... well its his lol.
I want to be like this guy lol, not that i want to wright but, to be so well buried into a cultures
influences that no one even noteses that Im there lol. silly but true.
people feared his stories because they felt so real he had to tell people the necronomicon wasnt real. that it was
just something he dreamed up (like most wrighters). the pic is a link to his library, you should check it out, there
short stories.

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