Sunday, December 20, 2009

I havnt been posting thx to the school break and being out and about. this is another picture from my journal I was thinking a tun about inspireing messiges so naturally for me I was
dwelling a tun on the bible and marilyn manson lol. so theres allot of quots from both in there.
and even switch foot and David crowder lol. that angel with the x's for eyes, I've seen em
been em, freed em. strange but its a journal entry lol.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

sum day I'l get this printed out, but for now it stays hidden in my journal.

things with stories are the best, i felt inprest with myself when i convinced sum friends and friends of friends to come to the park with me and collect trash at like 11 at night. :) good times, incredible times.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanks givin.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

more pastel

I did this listening to David Bowie :) I think it shows but i could be crazy. I wish I still had it but I sold it lol this one for $2o.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the dark tower

I finnished up the dark tower yesterday, and I was thinking about all the art from the books. theres this guy Dave mckean and he's dun a bunch of si-fi fantasy art stuff and I like all of it. it just has such a quality of borderline dreemyness lol like Dali. He did the art work for the fourth book and its was great, and the wizard and glass is one of my favorites out of the bunch of em.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


creation is such an odd thing. so many people choose to be alone when they work like my man HR. Giger and even old school Georgia o'keefe, I think there is just something in the artest that seeks out seclusion but... I wont forget How John started to need Yoko. I love have close people creating while I do the same.
the picture on the Bottom is the laugher (uncompleat) Il post his finnished bit up l8r. Its pastel on canvas btw.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

no peas.

I had posted this up on my other blog for my class and forgot to write on this one about it. Ive been slowly making something and this is step two I guess lol, I just havnt had allot of time. I painted no peas by accident but I still plan on using this lol.


this is a video of just sum stuff in my photoshop class I'v dun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fat pie.

I really like this guy David Firth, hes the guy who did salad fingers if you know it. any way this picture was totally inspired from this video at 1:10. oh and this is his sight.


I did do this one in photoshop, and I like it, I was just thinking about Christmas and remembered this is what I gave to one of my family members as a gift a few years ago. Hope they enjoyd it lol.


these are sum pictures before i had photoshop, I use gimp to get things dun back then. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


so I found the paper I was supposed to play with the other day. It was in my car, witch was in the shop. now I can not explode.

one to two

number one came from number two, striate paint

an innterveiw. an interview that happened.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

best museim and pub lol

before im put in the ground I would like very much so to go to both these places :) the museum more that anything, I think I would just be in aw the hole time.

night photo's

I like night photography but I never think il have a camera "good" enough to pull it off well. its so fun to look at though.

heya reader folk

ima mooving over to wordpress... so dont louse contact with me (BAM) no worries though im still pure incredible :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

no lie out of suply.

sum songs just make me want to create. I just want sum canvas so bad lol I have really big drawing paper so I may use that instead Il try to post up what comes out.

ps. its my 21 birthday today :)

I figured I should let anyone know about, its groovy its like a mini face book that keeps track of what you listen to and puts it into charts for you :) pretty cool. this one is mine. Im putting this post up cuz i really like knowing what has had the ability to influence my pictures and thoughts and stuff and its kinda neet to have something that keeps track.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

desctop filler

so blogging and making sure pictures are the right size has trashed my desktop and I thought you should know.


so toataly going and hurey for the nab photos blog... I kinda cant wait lol

a sucky link

I went on a google hunt to find sum other artist that did sum glow paint stuff and had a hard time
finding folks outside of the glowpaint web sight. but i guess thats cool, I did stumble upon this body paint girl and her stuff is cool, exept for her odd fascination with the idea that her things suck... strange but kk cool.
so Ive talked about mansons paintings but here are sum, its allso one of my favorite songs
by him so I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

oh snap how I love connecting dots. this face brace thing is used again in this music video :)

I think my friends and I are sum of the only people who buy movies because of the artists that design them. the movies art is dun by Chad ward, and it has that girl from the crow in it so... its a must have lol.

ok sum more.

I thought it over and desided, im not going to let you as the reader happen to not look around and figure sum stuff out :) . I found out that the Albert Einstein picture was taken by the Philip Hallsman was ment to show Einsteins grief for helping usa with the development of the atom bomb but than later on the same picture was used for the cover of time magazine with the title "person of the century"... idk maby I dont trust people to look around.

dali, philippe

you have to love Salvador Dali, his paintings are great but he did allot more than that, the first photo you may have seen but I never thought about the fact that... there was a big lack of photo shop back in the day. I Hope 28 times of tossing the cats wasn't to traumatizing. the photo is actualy taken by Philippe Halsman, who did sum very groovy stuff, my favorite being a tie between the woman skull(second pic) or that really famous Albert Einstein picture.

Monday, November 2, 2009

skullman power

so I did this guy man in the old paint lol. I think hes neat and want you to see em lol. I really do want to be able to put this stuff out on canvas one day but... Im so reluctant just to try it and see what happens, sum of my old files are bit maps and jpegs and idk how that will work out :(


I like doing paintings in a theme. and Ive been looking around and seeing sum really interesting things that I could do next but this is really fascinating me, (link) its glow in the dark pain :) I think it will be allot of fun, maby I could even rig up a black light at the top of the pictures so the canvas and the light is one thing... idk ile keep looking and keep informing.

no more halloween.

so October came to a really quick end, but I still have the strange "I wana be frightened" feeling so I figured I share a link to one of the greatest writers of all time. Hes HP lovecraft and he is the horror influence lol. practicly anything dealing with demonology or any satanic writes book the (necronomicon) is his influence on our horror, you may have heard of the cuthulhu muthos... well its his lol.
I want to be like this guy lol, not that i want to wright but, to be so well buried into a cultures
influences that no one even noteses that Im there lol. silly but true.
people feared his stories because they felt so real he had to tell people the necronomicon wasnt real. that it was
just something he dreamed up (like most wrighters). the pic is a link to his library, you should check it out, there
short stories.

aw snap!

aw snap I just relised i cant make my 15 post quota, thats what I get for being a slacker. Its alright though I think Im getting the internet for my birthday lol. my birthday is the ninth just encase any one was wondering lol.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

odd situations lol

I had to move a bunch of my pictures today and it was just a tad funny, I had all these paintings and odd creations in my back seat and then The Gorea on top of all of them. I have this horrible habit of being pulled over for really strange reasons and I was just hoping the whole time that wouldn't happen. it didn't but thats the picture if you don't remember it lol.

the second picture is new, its the only one of these pictures I had to work on more than once cuz the canvas was to wet to glew down the broken glass. I showed it to one of my friends and he flinched with sum fear, kinda cool.

whatever I like pollock

allot of folks like to bash on Pollock but I've always thought he was a rock star. I wish I had the space and money it took to create paintings like his. I really like allot of the things he has to say about creation and expression, if I could I would be tempted to spend all of my savings just to watch him paint. I think its interesting that he paints on the floor cuz so does another one of my favorite painters. :)
wo! lol I remember wanting one of these so bad... and than getting one and not using it lol. I think the 90's kids for sum reason just thought talk back was cool idk what were you supposed to like before Pokemon :). any way, I've been looking for a classic type tape recorder for an art project and now I found one so I'm exited. I'll make sure to post up the end result but I think step two may involve ordering sum old magazine from john Lennons assassination.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I got to thinking about how envious I am about Norway lol. not the place I guess but the folks there, well the artists that come out of norway are just crazy. after the scream I remembered most hard core black metal comes from sum crazy guys out in Norway. I'm not even incredible inthoosed about the message of the art but... just the passion makes me feel like less of an artist lol. I found the video about Gall a bit ago, hes part of this band Gorgoroth .


The internet's great for just finding groovy art, being that its October its really easy to find super awesome artists and by super awesome I mean the "scary" kind. I found this guy, who's real name I didnt find najuzaid on deviantART its totally like the scream, witch is great and makes me feel completely dumb for not seeing the link between the "scream" mask and the painting... sum times things just go right over me.


idk I've been keeping myself busy witch is a good thing but... its keeping from creating, I think im going to have to do that thing ware I insist on having an hour to myself. I think I may start pulling time management advice from the internet lol.

Monday, October 26, 2009

allright ok

again Lee and myself, her being the first one. I really just wanted something that would make people stop and look but I cant tell if I pulled it off. I figured out if I'm out and about I may sketch in influences from my surroundings, I was at the park earlier and relised I put a funky duck man thing in the picture. I really do like the paint pencils. the pics are links to my flickr btw.

paint play

so, Ive been painting with Lee and this is a few of the things that we did, its for a protect that involves more than than this so... I will post up the other ones in a bit. The first one is Lee's :) shes making a pinhole camera... Its guna be sweet. the second picture is inspired by the old school band the spooky kids (cool cool).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

surgeon I am

I know these have been seen before by allot of folks but I wanted to follow up and post them on my blog. these are from the shoot, mike is the man lol and I think I like modeling lol.

wo! flick

I made a flicker account and never linked to it so BAM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

probly the first time.

I think this was the first Photoshop picture I did that I really liked. we had to do a picture that had to do with a memory and I thought back to this one time I was super sic as a kid my mom bought me legend and it was a sweet movies lol. and then I've amylase liked the wizard of oz and for sum reason linked the two movies together mentally.

about my banner.

bam re did the banner, is it tame enough? lol

help me out.

I was thinking about getting sum of my didgetal imiges onto canvas but... I dont know anything about doing that, I googled it and got a bunch of web sights like this one. I figured someone else may know the cheapest sight or the best quality spot or something, or maybe Im alone in this and... cool I showed you something new.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 a friend

I made this for a friend with soft pastels. I experimented by running water on a rag and trying to pull the colors down but it only really pulled the black and its not that visible. I do like the picture though, I got 15 bucks for it lol.

a video

so I made this video and I want to share with you, the video up-loader is acting funny so i'le give you a link.


I just got dun with the photo shoot and hopefully Il be able to post up sum of the pics tonight. but it kinda reminded me of the Beatles butcher album, or maybe sum of the mushroomhead pics.

Monday, October 19, 2009

angel spit

I may do a photo shoot tomaro and be an insane doctor thing. Instantly I thought of this video by Angel spit. I hope we top there freaky level. :)

zombi Bowie

cool cool allrite, I did the play thing with the paint pencils. I'm not saying it is David bowie, just saying it looks like em. I started off trying to imitate Manson's paintings but I think I made sumthing that looks strate out of super jail lol.

color cool.

I may get the opportunity to play with those groovy watter color pencils soon, I hope its rill fun and il make sure to make a post with the pick :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

the bolt

I think its neat to sort of hunt down inspirations and just sorta see ware other people get there ideas from. dont get me wrong im far from saying these people are copping one another, I respect these artists and I probably wouldn't have notest such a small detail if I wasn't constantly watching there new videos and interviews and google imigeing them to try to see stuff I haven't so mhm. Im just saying we have David Bowie, the Ziggy stardust guy.

with his fancy glam rock lightning bolt
and then we have hear mister Marilyn manson in his antichrist super star stage with another lightning bolt. I wouldn't normally just jump to conclusion but Manson has stated on several account that glam rock was important to him and allot of his inspirations are from David bowie, take a look at videos from mechanical animals. you might say "yeah but the Antichrist faze and the mechanical animals albums are not connected at all" but your wrong.
than BAM Lady Ga Ga, who also can be quoted on saying David Bowie is an inspiration of hers and who is allso signed with Interscope records uses the same lightning bolt, faceing the same way several times. check the video.

I'm not saying its for sure but, you gota at least see a coincidence.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

when the internet goes out.

when my internet used to go down often I would just chill and make pictures in paint. now I do the same thing, but in Photoshop but... I think this is one of my favorite "hey my internet's out" pics. thats supposed to be a blanket shes shaking little critters out of btw I know it can be hard to tell.

dred red five

this is the only painting like this Ive dun during the day. I covered my hands in red paint to do it and had a bunch of fun.