Saturday, October 17, 2009

the bolt

I think its neat to sort of hunt down inspirations and just sorta see ware other people get there ideas from. dont get me wrong im far from saying these people are copping one another, I respect these artists and I probably wouldn't have notest such a small detail if I wasn't constantly watching there new videos and interviews and google imigeing them to try to see stuff I haven't so mhm. Im just saying we have David Bowie, the Ziggy stardust guy.

with his fancy glam rock lightning bolt
and then we have hear mister Marilyn manson in his antichrist super star stage with another lightning bolt. I wouldn't normally just jump to conclusion but Manson has stated on several account that glam rock was important to him and allot of his inspirations are from David bowie, take a look at videos from mechanical animals. you might say "yeah but the Antichrist faze and the mechanical animals albums are not connected at all" but your wrong.
than BAM Lady Ga Ga, who also can be quoted on saying David Bowie is an inspiration of hers and who is allso signed with Interscope records uses the same lightning bolt, faceing the same way several times. check the video.

I'm not saying its for sure but, you gota at least see a coincidence.

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