Monday, October 12, 2009

dred red numero dose

ok yeah so I forgot to show you sum of my own stuff so I'l share with you this. It was one of the first ones I did and the subject was bleak. help or die. As I mentioned thees were ment to be horror and I ended up putting allot of my own fears into them, I fear the help or die life style. A world that is filled with people that only want you around if you bennifet them in some way, or worse if this way of life were to infect me and I was to see people as help or die.
the red is acrylic paint that I finger painted on. I needed the picture to look raw because fear itself is something raw (and I like cave art :p) its dun on canvas like the others, the small orange bit in the lower left hand side is spray paint as is the black background.

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