Wednesday, October 28, 2009

odd situations lol

I had to move a bunch of my pictures today and it was just a tad funny, I had all these paintings and odd creations in my back seat and then The Gorea on top of all of them. I have this horrible habit of being pulled over for really strange reasons and I was just hoping the whole time that wouldn't happen. it didn't but thats the picture if you don't remember it lol.

the second picture is new, its the only one of these pictures I had to work on more than once cuz the canvas was to wet to glew down the broken glass. I showed it to one of my friends and he flinched with sum fear, kinda cool.


  1. must have been a sight to see!

  2. Really Odd. In a very big way, the real life has transformed and this is portrayed on the celluloid nowadays.