Thursday, October 8, 2009

dred red (inspiration)

I took the photo above a few years ago, in high school. I was just taking pictures of things I deemed "cool" in my room, but it ended up inspiring me later on.

I started off doing paintings that were meant to sort of fit into a horror genre but I ended up creating pictures that show off carnal fears of my own. when I paint them I'm not painting from my imagination but from the memories of a character that has been threw and seen horrible things. I'm going to share a picture a day and sort of share what it means to me.
the individual in this picture is one that I doodle often, he is fear filled and alone he is weighted down to the point that he can no longer stand, he is overwhelmed to the point that he is doing nothing. he is ashamed of his individuality and feels he is disconnected from the world.

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