Friday, March 5, 2010

freekin trash :)

we went to the recycling bank of gwinnett and snaped some cool shots for class. i filmed a little but its all in little bits right now. but here are some pictures. inspired from Edward Burtynsky/ my love for trash. below is his stuff.


  1. The first shot of yours is perfect - the light play is what interests me the most. Light on the right, dark on the left. Did you try to catch this or did it happen by fate? Some of my best light play shots were not intended. Later when viewing them I realized the coolness of them - Serendipity for sure!

  2. I caught it :) but I do agree allot of the coolest things that happen in pictures are often happen "by chance".

    you do photography? you should post up some.

  3. your message in a bottle has washed up on my beach:

    "I've got sum spare time and im looking for people who have interesting art blogs. If your groovy I'l follow you lol :)
    my URL:"

    AND you are interested in trash!

    so my art blog ight just fit your bill

    cheers, h