Saturday, September 25, 2010

everything i have to say is in the video I think.


  1. Sterling,

    cool video, and I too like philosophy, it is someting that crates for me more openess in the plains where I live....lOL

  2. thanks for reading my posts... i always wonder if my words are just lost in a sea of nothingness. Ill still be me regardless but connections sometimes change my point of view... i check out your blog often... but have to disagree on the comment of marilyn being in charge... but i think everyone needs to have a video like this on their blog...well done... im techno deficient though and have no equipment to do this...everythign in life is perspective. i thought i was being stunning but peoples reactions to my stunningness are or should i say have always dissapointed... maybe i should revise my definition of stunning. Now im working on thoughts of embracing realism or freedom. ill post an art piece on my blog... check it out and tell me what you think. be honest. its just thoughts represented visually. ha. not my self essteem in a can. :D

  3. jesse,

    cool stuff its nice to know other people are interested. usually in conversation i can practically feel peoples eyes rolling when i start to talk about any philosopher or religious views, I just think its good to always be thinking and to hear out what others have thought.

  4. Ann

    its a shame web cams and awesome cameras aren't government issued lol.

  5. you said this...
    To be honest I never find answers only more questions lol.

    Well sh@t thats not what i wanted to hear. lol

    yeah its more about me not knowing how to post and use the equipment i have... i possibly have it on my camera or my phone... Im the deficient one technically...